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Navidades en Marruecos



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Viaja al pasado

Ruta entre Kasbahs y Dunas

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Siente las tradiciones nómadas

Rutas al Sáhara Noche Mágica

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Descubre la inmensidad


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Born in the deep Sahara by Hamid Moujane, a nomad Ait-Atha tribe berber, we have been designing and operating Totally Customised Morocco Travels for more than 16 years. Specially, we prepare private trips, solotravelers trips, or events/corporate trips, also shared groups trips. Each AzulAventuras’ Morocco Travel Plan is fine-tuned step-by-step from the beginning. Therefore, once you contact us, we work out on every detail of your vacation or corporate package to always make the best of your visit upon your personal travel ideas.

In brief, we love going beyond traditional tour packages and we provide different and alternative tourism proposals in hidden and breathtaking getaways in the real Morocco where you will mix with locals. We departure travels 365 days/year from all over Morocco. Going to Morocco with us will provide you the perfect balance of freedom, flexibility, and independence. So give us a try for a travel that you will never forget. When and how you want!

Check out our Sample Tours or Contact Us, and we will take charge of everything!

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